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Boba is a chewy, ball-shaped treat that can usually be found at the bottom of bubble teas and are typically consumed through a wide straw. They are also commonly known as bubbles, black pearls, or tapioca balls. Boba is made from the starch of the cassava root and serves as a fun and deliciously sweet addition to any beverage. 

  • 12 oz. bag of Boba
  • Packaged inside vacuum-sealed bags to ensure freshness
  • Makes approximately 10-12 servings of Boba



Store any leftover uncooked boba in a sealed and airtight container in a cool/dry area. Do NOT store in the fridge. Do NOT eat silica gel packets.

Once opened, uncooked boba will last approximately 1 week. Once cooked, boba will only be good for about 6 hours. Do not refrigerate.

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Suchitra P.
United States United States

Great Boba

Wish they were packed for single servings

Gabriela V.
United States United States

Amazing product

This store is my go to for tapioca pearls. I personally cannot find any boba where I live, and I had very bad experience with some tapioca pearls I bought on amazon, so I always buy my boba here. Very chewy and just delicious, I highly recommend it

Miki P.
United States United States

5 Star Everything!

The kit was fun and beautiful! Everything tastes great! The customer service is literally the best! Can’t wait to try all the powders and tea leaves!

SAMMEE Boba - Tapioca Pearls Review
Jacqueline N.
United States United States

Fulfill your boba craving anytime

I love SAMMEE's boba! I crave boba a lot but am a homebody and don't always feel like going out (especially now) so it's really cool to just have a pack of boba at home and ready within an hour. Will be ordering more soon! :)

Jasmine C.
United States United States

Best boba consistency!

Just as good, if not better than the boba shops I usually frequent. The tapioca pearls are perfectly chewy and soft and are always fresh!!

Melissa B.
United States United States

Simple, Easy... Yum!

Very easy to make, simple instructions to follow. Delicious!

Shayna B.
United States United States

Always the perfect chewiness

This is some of the best boba I've ever had, it's always so chewy and the perfect texture, and really deliciously sweet when I add in brown sugar! They're super easy to cook, not even a hassle at all, and I love making them. It's crazy that I can even do this at home, I love it!

Angel K.
United States United States

Best Homemade bubbles

I loved how chewy, soft, and delicious the bubbles turned out. I finished the whole pack in 2 days.

Shelby M.
United States United States

Amazing customer service

The boba is delicious!!! They were very sweet to me. When my package got smashed in the mailing process a bag if boba unsealed, and when I contacted them they were will to replace the unsealed bag! Thank you very much! The teas and boba were a big hit with the kiddos