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Fro-Yo in smoothie form? Yogurt to be kidding me!

Yogurt Smoothie is a tarty treat that turns regular frozen yogurt into a delicious drink. Our powder mix is packed with live yogurt culture for a convenient way to get beneficial probiotics on the go. Just add ice, milk and blend!

Enjoy it as original plain tart or add in your favorite fruit to make a fruity fro-yo beverage!

Makes ~6 16oz. smoothies.



  • 10 oz. Yogurt Smoothie Mix
  • 6 oz. Uncooked Boba
  • 2 oz. Brown Sugar
  • 6 Plastic Straws or 1 Reusable Straw
  • 4x6 SAMMEE Sticker Sheet
  • SAMMEE Recipe & Instructions Manual



  • Any 16 oz. Cup
  • Milk
  • Strainer for Boba

 Allergens: Yogurt Smoothie Mix contains milk.



Store any leftover uncooked boba in a sealed and airtight container in a cool/dry area. Do NOT store in the fridge. Do NOT eat silica gel packets.

Once opened, uncooked boba will last approximately 3-5 days. Once cooked, boba will only be good for about 6 hours. Do not refrigerate.

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Helen M.
United States United States

I’ll drink it in 42 degree weather

I recently moved to New Hampshire and good boba is so hard to come by here. I’m so glad I bought this boba kit so I can enjoy good quality boba any time I want. The only thing I would improve about the kit is the fact that there should be a warning note about how crumbly the tapioca pearls are. I accidentally crushed half of them, not knowing they would be so fragile ㅠㅠ. Overall this is a great product and I will continue to buy this awesome kit.

Jeff C.
United States United States

It was good

I liked it straight up, my wife and Jordan liked it with fruit mixed in. They both love boba so all of the tapioca is gone already lol!

Crissy K.
United States United States

reminds me of my mom's homemade yogurt!

The yogurt smoothie was the best tasting smoothie I've ever had! I love that it was light and not too sweet. The yogurt reminds me of my mom's homemade Vietnamese yogurt which is a rare taste!

SAMMEE Yogurt Smoothie Boba Kit Review