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We deliver a fully curated experience with everything you need to make your favorite drinks.

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We provide everything you need to make the best boba tea.
Your home might just become your favorite café! 😉

Bubbles are meant to be chewed, not burst.

Made from the starch of the cassava root, boba is a delicious addition to any drink.


What our customers are saying...

I was so happy when I tasted the Classic Black tea with boba. Since we’ve been staying safe at home, this has been our best boba drink option. Thanks for the flavor options, agreeable prices and speedy shipping. You’ve made everything easy and I’ll definitely be ordering again

– Leah W.

The yogurt smoothie was the best tasting smoothie I've ever had! I love that it was light and not too sweet. The yogurt reminds me of my mom's homemade Vietnamese yogurt which is a rare taste!

– Crissy K.

I had fun making this with my family. The kit came with everything we needed and the instructions were easy to follow. We finished it off in one sitting (there were 6 of us) and everyone had enough boba to enjoy! This is a really great idea for an evening with family or friends.

– Shayna B.

Did a virtual boba making event with my team and everyone had a lot of fun making boba in their own kitchens. It tasted great and had all the necessary ingredients :)

– Elviana T.


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