Home is the new cafΓ©.

Our boba kits provide a curated experience that will make you a boba connoisseur overnight.

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Milk Tea Powder Boba Kits

Our best-selling boba kits include an all-in-one milk tea powder mix. Choose between four flavors, add water, stir and enjoy!

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Wild Thai Tea

Thai Tea Leaves are packed with caffeine and antioxidants that help boost metabolism and increase energy.

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Curated by us, made by you.

We provide everything you need to make the best boba tea in the comfort of your home. You might just ditch your favorite café! πŸ˜‰

Bubbles are meant to be chewed, not burst.

Made from the starch of the cassava root, boba is a delicious addition to any drink.


What customers are saying...

I thought this might be a sham, but I have gone to a lot of different boba shops, and honestly I might never go again, this boba is enlightening, not only did u prepare it yourself, but it was easy AND good! I’m not usually impressed, but color me in awe, this is worth the money, trust me.

– Iris G.

I must admit, I was skeptical of making my own Boba at home and if it would be as good as going out... But I ended up being completely amazed by the quality of this product and how fun making Boba was! It was one of the best milk teas I have ever had!

– Sarah R.

This is some of the best boba I've ever had, it's always so chewy and the perfect texture, and really deliciously sweet when I add in brown sugar! They're super easy to cook, not even a hassle at all, and I love making them. It's crazy that I can even do this at home, I love it!

– Shayna B.

Best boba I’ve had... and I’ve had a lot of boba. The instructions are simple enough for a kid to make (with supervision, of course, which is a real plus) and it’s affordable!

– Laurie R.


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